2014 Union College Steinmetz Symposium

We just got back from screening Nontraditional at the 24th Steinmetz Symposium at Union College in Schenectady, NY. The Steinmetz Symposium is the annual day-long presentation of undergraduate research at Union.

Steinmetz 2This spring, our assistant director and make-up artist, Clara Boesch, graduates from Union, where writer-director Brian Hauser taught from 2009-2012. Clara’s participation in the making of Nontraditional was supported by a Union College Summer Research Fellowship, and so in addition to her actual senior research project (on the history of corporate-sponsored films in the United States), Clara gave a presentation on her experience on last summer’s film set.

Steinmetz 1

(Photo Credit: Lorraine M. Cox)

We also screened the film as one of the very last symposium events of the day. Christina, Brian, and Clara were joined by director of photography/editor Zach Durocher on stage for a Q&A session after the show. We were especially happy to have Kenneth Aslakson, who plays Blake in the film and who is a professor of history at Union, as a member of the audience. Once again, an engaged and enthusiastic audience had some excellent questions for us. We were also extremely happy to screen the film for so many people who had helped make our Kickstarter campaign such a success!

Thank you, Union!

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