Bring Nontraditional to Your Campus

Are you looking for a different way to reach out to student veterans? Female veterans? Are you a faculty or staff member who is interested in fostering better communication with and awareness of student veterans in the classroom?

You should consider hosting a screening of Nontraditional on your campus!

Nontraditional is a dramatic feature film by a former student veteran and current university professor about what it’s like to be a college freshman when you’ve already been to war and back. It’s a story we think is important, but it’s one that we didn’t see anyone else telling. So we told it ourselves!

We have already screened the film at Clarkson University, Union College, SUNY Delhi, and Marist College as well as a number of film festivals. In March 2015, the film will screen at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication in Tampa, FL, too.

In order to host a screening, you will need to pay for a screening license from our distributor, Tugg, Inc. (This is how we recoup the money we invested in the making of the film.) If you have any questions about it, please let us know!

We Have Non-Theatrical Distribution!

pentagon channelThough we were not scheduled as part of the G.I. Film Festival in Washington, D.C. this past May, GIFF loved the film, and they have partnered with us to work out a distribution package! We have entered into an agreement with the Pentagon Channel to allow them to screen the film as part of their “Best of the G.I. Film Festival” series. This will put the movie in front of thousands of people with a specific interest in seeing it. Additionally, the GIFF has helped us secure a non-theatrical distribution deal with Tugg, Inc., which will take care of collecting screening fees from schools and other organizations that want to screen or purchase the film outright. This is a wonderful next step, because Tugg has the infrastructure and experience in place to handle the screening requests for us.

Finally, we are taking this opportunity to make the DVD of the film and the behind-the-scenes photo book available for sale online. If you know of anyone who has expressed an interest in purchasing a copy of the film, and/or you would like to own a copy of the behind-the-scenes book that was previously only a high-level KickstarterTM reward, direct them to the “Shop” link on this site.

Nontraditional Preview

Our preview screening on Veterans Day was a great success! We filled The Roxy theater in Potsdam, NY with friends and family and members of the community (almost 200 of them!). Everyone showed up willing to be engaged and eager to see what we had produced. The film looks and sounds great, and everyone responded to it just as we hoped.

The Q&A afterward was great, too. Brian, Christina, Kat, and Zach were up at the front of the theater beneath the screen, but almost everyone else involved in the film was also there that night. We took some wonderful questions and had a fascinating conversation up until the theater owner kicked us out, because the next movie was going to start in two minutes.

We have started the process of submitting the film to various festivals around the country and the world. Stay tuned for updates!